Driving Lesson Prices

1 hour Driving Lesson £33

This payment method is designed to pay as you go, however during this lesson its always better to pay for the next lesson in advance to guarantee a booking for the week ahead. Its a little more expensive doing it this way. Your always better looking at the Block booking packages. There is a reduction of £2 for Students backed up by your student i.d and number.

5 hour Block Booking £160

The 5 hour Block is handy for you and your Instructor to create a bonding. You will blend into a learning style that suits you best. You also save a little cash.

10 hour Block Booking £310

This is far the most popular method of payment where students can benefit from a good saving and really get off to a great start to their Driving. We do our best to book your lessons in advance giving you time to plan your weeks ahead.