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practicaldriving.co.uk was formed in 2008 and provides Driving Lessons in Edinburgh and the lothians. David qualified as a Driving Instructor in 2003 and spent 7 years previously with Company's like B.S.M and the A.A Driving Schools. Previously, David had completed 22 years in the Railway, 10 years as a Locomotive Train Driver and 12 years as a Trainer Instructor. David spent many years in a Training role so its no surprise that his communication skills are up there with the top Driving Instructors in the UK. To be a successful Driving Instructor you need Knowledge, Patience and Friendly personality. So if you wish Driving lessons in Edinburgh look no further.


driving lessonns in edinburgh
David Getting ready for action

David is a Grade A Driving Instructor which is the highest achievable rank in this industry. I was always told "if you have a Trumpet you might as well blow it".

Grade A

You have shown a high standard of instruction and you’ll stay on the Approved Driving Instructors register.


By far the best way to choose a Driving Instructor has always been by word of mouth from friends or family, recommendations like this are the best. If you have not been recommended to any Driving Instructors in Edinburgh, visit the official website "driving and learning to drive" "go now"  its very important to do a little research. Its extremely important to read other peoples experiences, so reviews in Google are more reliable because positive or negative reviews cannot be edited or removed by the company without the authority of Google itself. Some companies don't have a review section ? that speaks for itself !! So far I have not had a negative reviews and I continue to keep it that way.

Driiving lessons in edinburgh
David showing the grade A certificate standards award